7 Ways to Earn Continuous Rewards from Charity – Sadaqah Jariyah

7 Ways to Earn Continual Rewards from Charity – Sadaqah Jariyah

It seems to play on peoples’ mind that after we pass away we are not capable of gathering any further good deeds. but is this really the case for Muslims?

Whilst you might imagine that you could not purchase good deeds after you die, there are various exceptions when it comes to Islam and the teachings. Alhamdulillah there are numerous initiatives you are able to do that can proceed to profit you as a means of “sadaqah jariyah” (continuous charity) after your demise.

We learn from the following ahadith

The Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, stated:

“When a person passes away, his good deeds will even come to an END besides for 3: Sadaqah Jariyah (ceaseless charity); a KNOWLEDGE which is helpful, or a virtuous descendant who prays for him (for the deceased).” [Muslim and others]

Abu Qatadah reported that Allah’s Messenger stated:

“Among the many good deeds that proceed to profit a believer after dying are: a KNOWLEDGE that he taught and disseminated, a righteous CHILD who lived after him, a Qur’an guide that he left as inheritance, a masjid that he constructed, a home that he constructed for the 2 wayfarers, a stream that he ran, or a charity that he gave from his wealth throughout his wholesome life time in order that it could attain him (in rewards) after DEATH.”  Ibn Majah and others

Listed here are 7 easy methods to build up sadaqah jariyah (ongoing charity) and rewards even after you’ve passed away:

1. Educate and Unfold Knowledge

Whatever you educate others which is of benefit to them; both information about Islam or worldly schooling that’s used to profit their whole communities, this will no doubt be an ongoing charity for you after you die.

The knowledge talked about on this hadith means any kind of useful data that may be transferred and taught verbally or through a guide, lecture, course, and even online. For this knowledge to count as a form of sadaqah jariyah, and for the unique teacher to gather rewards, it needs to help people becomes better individuals and especially grow to be better Muslims or in some other way benefit others.

2. Raise a Righteous Child

Whatever your child learns and teaches others based on your legacy will be an ongoing blessing and reward for you. They might additionally keep praying for you after your death, but this will depend on how you raised the child and if you were god fearing enough to raise your children in the straight path, In’Sha’Allah it will benefit you. A righteous child that is truly in the path of Allah will know how to make sincere Dua for you and which verses and Dua’s of the Quran will benefit the deceased the most.

3. Distribute copies of the Quran

Allah says in the Quran (interpretation to the closest meaning) “That is the Book about which there isn’t any doubt, a guidance for these aware of Allah” (Surah Al-Baqarah 2:2)  Sharing copies of Allah’s guide spreads His message far and extensive. Sharing Islamic knowledge and literature can have big advantages together with the turning of minds and hearts to Allah and promotion of right understanding of Islamic values.

Many people like to donate copies of the Quran whenever they Visit Makkah or Madinah for Hajj & Umrah. Every single person that reads a letter from one of the Quran’s they have given will reward them immensely. If you imagine the millions of people that visit these scared places in a year, the amount of reward one can obtain is unthinkable.

4. Construct or preserve a Masjid

You should look to both donate and assist construction of a masjid (mosque) or make provision to constantly give to the upkeep of one. Uthman ibn Affan reported that the Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, stated, “Whoever builds a mosque for Allah, then Allah will construct for him a home prefer it in Paradise.” (Bukhari and Muslim)

In addition to that, again for every single person that prays in that specific masjid or masajid, you will benefit from it until the day of judgement.

5. Provide Water

Drinking clean water is important to life and the fitting of all dwelling beings. Providing water wells, or developing water holding tanks in dry areas can actually imply the distinction between life and dying for tons of of individuals and animals.

In many developing Countries people walk for miles to find clean water or even if they find water it may not be the cleanliest available, but the best they have access to. Imagine the reward and Dua’s you will earn from the people that have been granted access to water within the proximity due to your water supply. Till the water runs dry, you’ll continue to earn sadaqa jariyah (ongoing charity rewards) each time people use the water for themselves, their crops, their households, or their livestock.

Get involved today in one of Ummah Welfare Trusts’ Water Well Projects.

6. Ongoing charity from own wealth

Anything you donate for the sake of Allah will benefit you in this world and the hereafter no doubt.

Donating medical equipment that will help lighten the pain of a patient will even benefit you after your death.

Planting Trees and Crops: each time people and animals eat from them counts as a charity for you.

Create Islamic based App or Information Website: Which helps Muslims remember Allah and assist with some acts like masnoon Dua’s, dhikr reminders, hadith, articles about Islam etc. Each time they utilise your program you will have a share of the reward.

SubhanAllah with the technology available today we can give dawah and benefit people from our fingertips no matter where they are in the world.

7.  Construct a home for wayfarers and vacationers

Allah says in the Quran, “Say: Journey within the land and see how (Allah) originated the creation, after which Allah will carry forth the creation of the Hereafter (i.e. resurrection after dying). Verily, Allah is In a position to do all things” (Al-‘Ankaboot, 29:20].

It is because travelling within the land holds many advantages to mankind, though its costs could make vacationers destitute and poor. Moreover, Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, stated, “One who cares for widows and the poor is like those that battle in the way in which of Allah or those that spend their days fasting and their nights praying.” (Bukhari and Muslim)

Every person that settles in a home / hostel you have constructed will benefit you in years to come after your demise

There are many other ways to gain ongoing rewards but we hope this list offers you a couple of concepts of sadaqah jariyah initiatives to work in direction of so you’ll be able to accumulate continuous rewards in the hereafter.