About Muslims Life

A brief introduction about the Muslims-Life platform from the founder:

Muslims Life has been created to help all our fellow Brothers and Sisters revive their Imaan.

The gentle daily Islamic reminders and updates will hopefully play a key part in your everyday life and educate you at the same time.

We all reach a stage in our lives where it’s difficult to juggle all aspects of the Deen and remember Allah (swt) at a level where we need to. The guidance has already been provided and it’s up to each one of us to further educate ourselves in all matters of Islam.

Sometimes the information may not be readily available or easily obtained, so we hope to build the Muslims Life platform as a go to source and slowly build up the range of articles, posts, videos in all matters of a Muslim’s Life.

So please join us in this journey and share the page with family, friends & acquaintances so everyone can benefit from the information that will be available on here.