30 Good Deeds to Carry out Monthly

30 Good Deeds to Carry out in 30 days

30 days of Good Deeds to work on in order to  please Allah

Here is a quick plan to carry out good deeds in your busy lifestyle. You can carry out 30 good deeds in 30 days by sticking with a plan and carry out 1 deed a day. 

Carrying out good deeds in Islam has a lot of benefits and one will attain extra reward from Allah as it is one of his commandments as mentioned in the Glorious Quran:

‘Allah has promised those who believe and do righteous deeds [that] for them there is forgiveness and great reward.’ (Quran, 5:9)

‘… Allah is with those who fear Him and those who are doers of good.’ (Quran, 16:128)

Islam is what we make of it and if we make it easy for us then surely carrying out good deeds will be easy too.

This Plan can be useful during Ramadan as that is when everyone puts in extra effort towards their good deeds. But we recommend applying it to your daily lives all year round:

Day 1 – Create and commit to a simple Quran reading schedule – Try to get in at least one juz of the Quran a day. Not necessarily all in one go, but can be throughout the day

Day 2 – Smile at someone you don’t know!  (smiling is a sunnah)

Day 3 – Call a family member who you haven’t spoken to in a while 

Day 4 – Feed a homeless or a person in need 

Day 5 – Memorise a new surah or re-learn one that you may have forgotten 

Day 6 – Prepare a meal for your family (even if you cannot cook, try to learn a simple dish) 

Day 7 – Visit someone who is ill in hospital 

Day 8 – Make up with someone you’ve fallen out with 

Day 9 – Sign up to make a difference each month with a standing order with any charity 

Day 10 – Volunteer at a local food bank/hostel kitchen 

Day 11 – Spend some time with an elderly family member/friend 

Day 12 – Feed the birds in your garden or even ducks in the park 

Day 13 – Tell your friends and family how much they mean to you 

Day 14 – Invite a Muslim you don’t normally socialise with for a meal

Day 15 – Pray Tahajjud and make dua for someone going through hardship 

Day 16 – Surprise a sister with a gift such as a scarf or a brother with a Islamic book 

Day 17 – Commit to giving up a bad habit & ask Allah (swt) for forgiveness 

Day 18 – Babysit a sibling/young family member and ease the burden of a tired mum! 

Day 19 – Send an uplifting message to someone in need 

Day 20 – Start/add towards a hajj/umrah fund (try to do this on a daily/weekly/monthly basis)

Day 21 – Invite a non-Muslim friend/neighbour for a meal

Day 22 – Plant a tree/flowers or water your garden and connect with Allah’s natural creation

Day 23 – Make a homemade gift or card for someone special (Any occasions such as Eid)

Day 24 – Remind your friends and family to pay their Zakat

Day 25 – Ask someone you’ve wronged for forgiveness 

Day 26 – Sign up to an event to raise money for those in need

Day 27 – Have a wardrobe clear out and donate items you don’t use (to clothes banks)

Day 28 – Try to attend a special Islamic event/gathering where they will discuss the deen

Day 29 – Help your parents with any household chores (or any family member)

Day 30 – Learn a hadith and its explanation and share it with your social / friends / family list

These are just some of our ideas to get you started, but feel free to add in your own views/tasks accordingly and try to stick with the plan every month In’Sha’Allah.