5 Tips When Wearing Hijab in Summer

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Looking for tips on wearing a hijab during summertime?

We cover some of the most important points that will help keep you on track during the summer.

The hijab is what differentiates Muslim women who hold Islam close to their hearts. Ordained by Allah in the Quran, covering your body with modest clothing that is loose and covering the head is what is known as ‘hijab’. It does not refer just to the headscarf as most tend to interpret incorrectly.

Tell the believing men to restrain their looks, and to guard their privates. That is purer for them. Allah is cognizant of what they do. Quran Surah Nuh verse 30

The importance of hijab is it ensures against the eyes of the individuals who ought not to be looking and puts consideration on our astuteness as opposed to excellence.

Beauty is something that has a place with the lady alone and not to the remainder of the world; Allah has given us the intensity of knowing just the people who reserve the ability to see can see.

In this present reality where beautification and the body have turned into a point of convergence, having such lessons fortifies and engages the psyche of the individuals who reject the steady changing perspectives on society.

The idea of humility in Islam has picked up considerably as of late, both positive and negative. While this from multiple points of view has driven Muslim ladies to be progressively aware of the religious lessons on a hijab, it additionally has left numerous in troublesome circumstances.

At the point when a lady takes the decision to make the stride in concealing, numerous preliminaries can emerge as an immediate aftereffect of it. Be it inside with oneself or from family, companions or associates, the embellishment of unassuming garments and hijab can turn into a point of convergence of discourse and think.

Ordinarily, we discover sisters anxious to wear the hijab, however, are startled of the outcomes that can emerge. Something that is principal to our training as Muslim ladies has turned into a point of convergence in media and legislative arrangements, achieving new issues and issues to confront.

All in all, what do we do in circumstances such as this? Do we leave our Islamic lessons and proceed with those that are acknowledged in the public arena?

What we have to do is go to Allah and to His Book for our definitive direction. We should see the issues we face today as something old that has been reused with another face; the essence behind the challenges has dependably been the equivalent. A preliminary, trouble, issue is signed in life to divert and refocus our vision towards our association with Allah.

The mid-summer months frequently demonstrate to be an additional test to the individuals who wear hijab. Not only does the climate make an individual increasingly slanted to wear less; it likewise brings new inquiries from those charmed by ladies who cover up in the warmth. In what capacity would sisters be able to discover strength during this time? Here are a few hints for you to consider.

1. Dua / Supplication

Oh Turner of the Hearts, keep our Hearts firm on Your ReligionYaa Muqallibal Quloob Thabbit Qalbee ‘alaa Deenik.

Oh turner of the hearts (Allah, the Most High), keep our hearts firm on your religion

Turn to Allah and ask for the ability to stay strong in the months, which may prove to be harder than others. Dua is the most powerful weapon we have so we need to be sincere and make the most of it and Allah will In’Sha’Allah help.

2. Keep in mind why you are Wearing the hijab

Remind yourself constantly of the reason behind your choice to wear hijab. Think of the verses from the Quran that highlight the importance of modesty. Remember that your reward lies with Allah.

Help yourself by remembering why you choose to wear hijab. Think about the verses from the Quran that feature the significance of being modest.

“…And say to the believing women that they should lower their gaze and guard their modesty…” (Quran 24:31).

Keep in mind that your reward lies with Allah and how you will be compensated by being faithful.

3. Dealing with Comments

This time can draw in significantly more comments than expected. Manage these in a quiet, gathered way – recollect your reasons for hijab and consider these to be an opportunity for giving dawah.

To those dearest to you, clarify the reasons for needing to wear hijab. Keep them engaged with your procedure and change, notwithstanding asking their comments on certain apparel. While they may reveal to you it doesn’t look pleasant or isn’t essential, keeping them associated with your life will make them progressively open to tolerating the change you make.

4. Take care of Your Health

During the hot weather, it is essential to take care of your wellbeing. Particularly on the grounds that you will be covered up, so it is fundamental to drink a lot of water and remain hydrated. Keeping up a solid healthy diet will keep you feeling physically more grounded, bringing about a more grounded attitude to drive forward with hijab and the challenges related to it.

“Everything good that happens to you (O Man) is from God, everything bad that happens to you is from your own actions”. (Quran 4:79)

5. Adaptation

There are straightforward approaches to adjust what you are wearing to make it simpler to wear hijab and stay canvassed in this climate.

Lighter Fabric

Be aware of the texture your garments are produced by. Go for slender, lighter fabrics, for example, cotton. This will make your garments progressively tolerable.

– Colors

Dark colors will, in general, absorb heat, however, these tend to be what many sisters feel great wearing. Attempt to settle on lighter shades, for example, dark, purple, blue and so on.

Overall these tips should help sisters overcome the summer heat in hijab.

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