Allah Will Test You With…So Be Ready!

Allah Will Test You With These Tests – So Be Prepared!


And We will surely test you with something of fear and hunger and a loss of wealth and lives and fruits, but give good tidings to the patient, (Quran 2:155)

Allah says, “We will certainly test you with a few of the following:

He makes point out of fear

He makes point out of starvation

He makes point out of lack of wealth and produce.

These are all components of the test of Allah for us. Why?

So as to see what do you do if you don’t have. What do you do when issues don’t go in keeping with your liking? Do you do this which is prohibited to be able to earn or to be able to profit your self? Or do you persist with the regulation of Allah?

That’s when you may be true to Allah. When you realize the illness that I’ve is from Allah; He’s the one who made me sick and He’s the one who will treatment me.

Sure you’ll go to the physician, have remedy, natural or typical… however for so long as it’s inside that which Allah has permitted.

The minute we find yourself going to somebody who’s a fortune teller or an individual who claims to know the unseen and we begin listening to them… we already began dwindling, we’re not real to Allah, we aren’t true to Allah, we’ve got misplaced sincerity to Allah.

The Prophet mentioned that the deen is predicated on sincerity, or what’s referred to as naseehah. That’s the real feeling, the love of Allah, the sincerity to Allah… The place is it?

When Allah tests us, we rapidly run away! Might that not occur to us. Might Allah be with us always.