Parents Involvement in Youth Marriage? – Marriage in Islam


There is the saying, “Youth is wasted on the young”. There’s a point of the reality behind these phrases.

‘Youth’ is that point of life that’s bursting with vitality and enthusiasm. It’s charged with idealism, and fueled by a robust need to pursue desires within the pursuit of a bright and completely satisfying future, leaving no stone unturned in turning them to reality.

The energetic years of youth are sometimes tinged with impatience and haste, primarily based on needing to see optimum outcomes of endeavors shortly. Which also applies in marriage decisions.

The one factor missing when one is younger, nevertheless, is the important element of success that’s foremost in imparting knowledge and information to an individual, and in buying which, there aren’t any shortcuts: life expertise.

Life expertise has no counterpart or rival. It’s due to this gem or treasure that older individuals possess greater than their youthful counterparts, that their recommendation and counsel is all of the extra worthwhile for the latter in making massive, life-altering choices.

Older Folks – Principally All of the Wiser

These days, one of the many higher obstacles that younger Muslims face in terms of marriage is the opposition they face from their household elders concerning their selection of a partner.

There will be many grounds for this opposition, e.g. race, ethnicity, cultural disparity, stage of non-secular dedication, age distinction, chosen career of the possible partner, and household background, to call a couple of.

There are extra probabilities of the battle between generations when they don’t seem to be on the identical web page in different areas as nicely, e.g. way of life decisions, frank and pleasant communication, mutual respect and compassion, in addition to ethical and spiritual inclination.

For instance, a younger, single individual may need to marry somebody belonging to a different ethnicity or faith solely on the premise of sexual attraction/bodily need which is not advised in Marriage in Islam, and their mother and father may not agree with their selection as a result of they will clearly see the crimson flags of incompatibility resulting in future marital catastrophe.

If this battle persists, the teen could be ill-advised by associates or colleagues to go forward with their selection of partner and marry them any manner, ignoring their mother and fathers’ opinions, and go off to dwell an impartial life away from their elders’ eyes.

Nonetheless, earlier than any teen decides to leap the gun in such a way, and take such a drastic measure, they need to pause and attempt to rationally and objectively mirror upon why their mother and father are refusing to allow them to marry the individual they like. What are the explanations for his or her mother and fathers’ opposition to that individual as a partner? They need to attempt to talk in a relaxed and managed manner with their parents in order to find a resolution.

Subsequent, they need to mirror upon the relevance, correctness, and validity of their mother and fathers’ issues. 9 times out of 10, parents justify their reservations about their grownup offspring’s choices and need to shield their offspring from struggling and getting damage forward in life.

Their extra superior life expertise allows them to see the long-term outcomes and outcomes of the alternatives made by individuals throughout younger age, and they’re all of the wiser due to it.

The one uncommon conditions through which the opinions of oldsters can (and may) be undermined when a younger singleton is searching for a partner for marriage, is when their mother and father are non-Muslims, or a lot much less religiously inclined than them, and their prime causes for opposing an in any other case religiously appropriate match, are purely worldly or cultural in nature e.g. the man does have a good job, or he has too many siblings; the mahr (dowry) being given is just not high enough; their daughter is not going to have her own residence to dwell in after marriage; they solely marry throughout the prolonged household, not outdoors; the lady their son likes (their future daughter-in-law) doesn’t know how to cook traditional food, or she doesn’t have a university degree as a result of she is an undergraduate.

So long as the explanations for the Parents’ reservations concerning their Son or Daughters’ selection of partner are associated to issues that may change with time (e.g. qualifications, skilled institution, location or size of their residence, or dwelling preparations), a younger singleton shouldn’t permit them to turn away good proposals. They need to gently and respectfully educate their mother and father in regards to the instructions of Deen associated to muslim marriage, to steer them to let the small issues slide, and never follow inflexible and irrelevant cultural traditions.

Hadith on Youth Marriage

We can relate to the hadith:

“O young men, whoever among you can afford to get married, let him do so, and whoever cannot afford it, let him fast, for that will be a shield for him.” (Agreed upon, from the hadeeth of Ibn Mas’ood, may Allaah be pleased with him. Al-Bukhaari, 4778; Muslim, 1400).

The easiest way for a singleton to take care of marriage proposal conflicts with mother and father is to frequently turn to Allah and ask for his guidance through the istikharah prayers, to supplicate for the very best resolution and decree concerning their marital future.

Single individuals ought to do not forget that, despite the fact that it’d outwardly appear as if their mother and father are in charge of their future, and are turning away completely good proposals for trivial causes; in the end, all issues associated with their future provision and decree have been preordained by Allah, and nothing can turn away from them that which is written for them.

The Quran on searching for permission of oldsters earlier than marrying chaste Muslim ladies

The Quran enjoins marrying chaste ladies from among the many believers, solely after gaining the permission of ‘their individuals’ (utilizing the Arabic phrase “Ahl” to explain her guardians/household):

So marry them with the permission of their PEOPLE, and provide them their due compensation, in accordance to what’s acceptable..” [4:25]

To a beginner in Islam, it might sound outwardly ‘unfair’ {that a} ladies want her guardians’ approval earlier than marrying somebody she desires to, whereas a person can go forward and marry a chaste and religiously dedicated lady even towards his mother and father’ needs — though it isn’t in any respect advisable for him to take action.

One cursory take a look at ‘free’, secular and liberal societies the place ladies are supposedly ‘free’ to marry whoever they please, or reasonably, males are ‘free’ to marry any lady they select without searching for her mother and father’ approval first, will give us a transparent image of the inherent knowledge behind Allah’s command that’s highlighted within the verse of the Quran above. There are many reasons if studied in detail you will come to realize that all restrictions have some benefits which we do not realize just like we are trying to study Marriage in Islam now.

Truth: Ladies are the extra susceptible accomplice in marriage

Ladies are extra vulnerable to being emotionally and bodily abused by husbands than vice versa, as a result of the latter have been given extra bodily energy and emotional indifference as in comparison with them.

What this implies is, that it’s comparatively simpler for a person to roam around extra freely outdoors on the planet, as he’s much less vulnerable to hurt to his self or life, and in addition as a result of he by no means will get ‘tied down’ with the duty of kid bearing and rearing on account of his marriage(s).

Males in ‘free’ societies thus find yourself ‘having fun with’ one no-strings-attached sexual relationship after one other with ladies, without committing to marriage or baby upkeep (if a baby is born). Marriage in Islam also prevents this from happening.

Ladies, then again, not solely endure the bodily rigors of being pregnant and beginning in the event that they conceive a baby, however, they’re additionally unable to work at bodily tasking jobs that require arduous labor and fixed journey, whereas concurrently catering to full-time baby rearing.

This narrows down their skilled choices in searching for appropriate employment that can present for them and their youngsters without bodily taxing them past their limits, corresponding to office-desk jobs.

The ‘freedom’ from parental permission earlier than marriage or romantic relationships with ladies, largely leaves them as single mums carrying a double burden: that of a breadwinner in addition to child-bearer.

Knowledge in Allah’s instructions

Due to these bodily and physiological variations between women and men, if the latter have been simply accessible to males for marriage without the prerequisite of searching for their guardians’ approval first, it will permit males to go round marrying and divorcing ladies at their whim and fancy, without taking over the duty of their monetary upkeep and that of their youngsters.

It might permit males to marry anybody they need, and in a while abandon her — when the onslaught of pregnancies and the addition of little youngsters made her much less sexually accessible and pleasurable, and costlier to take care of. Muslim Marriages also protects women from this kind of torture.

Simply taking an off-the-cuff look on the social dynamics of secular, “free” societies these days, the place males don’t want the elders’/guardians’ permission to courtroom or marry a lady, and how the ladies in these societies work full time as single mums, compromising on their youngsters’ upbringing by putting them in daycare as a result of they need to go to work to supply for them, will make us admire the command of Allah that deters males from utilizing ladies only for pleasure and procreation and guards single ladies like jewels, not accessible for one and all to make use of and discard at will. Also we can take guidance from Hadiths on Marriage.


Each the only Muslim youth at present and their parents ought to purpose to strike an optimum stability when the time comes for them to marry, which permits their mother and father to be concerned with their selection of partner, but offers them with sufficient freedom of option to not really feel restricted attributable to adherence to out of date and trivial cultural and worldly beliefs.