Post-Ramadan Challenges – 10 Concepts to Keep on Track


Ramadan conjures up us to be better individuals and human beings in varied methods. Charity, kindness and self-restraint are centered on throughout Ramadan and it’s only logical to take it ahead via your Eid resolutions. In spite of everything, it’s not about one month, however who we turn into after it that counts.

Listed here are ten concepts to encourage your post-Ramadan resolutions.

1. Sponsor an Orphan

Sponsoring an Orphan entails being financially accountable for his or her academic bills, typically extending to incorporate residing bills too. The fee concerned in such applications are in yearly, half yearly or month-to-month installments of small quantities.

Sahl ibn Sa’d reported: The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “Myself and the caretaker of an orphan will be in Paradise like this,” and he held his two fingers together. (Ṣaḥīḥ al-Bukhārī 5659)

Nearly all sponsorship applications offer you periodic college progress stories and different particulars in regards to the child. Some applications additionally help you keep in touch along with your sponsored child.

2. Self-Restraint

Ramadan, as a month of fasting and restraint, teaches us the significance of self-restraint. Take a decision to follow this management in all features of life. Put Necessities ahead when it comes to food and spending money.

This restraint will enable you to understand the significance of how blessed we’re compared to others who don’t have enough for their basic needs, and in addition help you attain better management over yourself and your life

3. Charity

Charity begins at home as they say and ought to be carried out all year-round, not only for one month. It’s not additionally solely about giving when you have extra or lots of money. It’s about understanding our responsibility as Muslims to the humans in the rest of the world.

Giving, in nonetheless small approach, is a good way to assist a much less fortunate individual. Ramadan teaches you to be humble and charitable, not only for a month, but throughout your whole life.

4. All or nothing

The message of Ramadan is to attempt to be the very best model of yourself, whether or not it’s at work or at home. Take this ahead by striving to be your greatest at all times. When fasting ends, hold your efforts as much as most productiveness and 100% dedication to your work and family.

5. Keep Up Fasting 

Rekindle the spirit of Ramadan continuously. Try and fast regularly throughout the year and adopt the practices of the Prophet (PBUH). For instance try to get into the habit of fasting on Monday’s and Thursday’s as this was from the sunnah.

Fasting will refresh your thoughts and physique. There are various non religious diets out there these days that help you lose weight and boost your immune system. We already had this advice come to us from the Prophet (PBUH) over 1400 years ago.

6. Tolerance

The religious ingredient of Ramadan routinely instills a constructive feeling, which permeates all our actions. Even individuals who don’t fast appear to take the additional effort to be constructive, well mannered and tolerant. Carry this ahead after Eid and try to be understanding and tolerant of individuals or occasions round you.

Be able to hear and study as a lot as you possibly can. Be open-minded to concepts, even when they make no sense to you at first. Tolerance solely comes via understanding and acceptance of issues which are new or totally different.

7. Eat much less meat

As accountable human beings, we should always keep away from taking lives simply because we like consuming meat. We have now so many choices obtainable to us, but we appear unable to regulate our urge for food for meat.

No matter your tradition or regular consuming patterns, consuming much less meat is straightforward to result in and more healthy for you. For a begin, limit yourselves to only one or two non-vegetarian meals in per week.

8. Give up smoking

Take a decision to be accountable for your personal well being and give up smoking. Make small adjustments resembling avoiding or proscribing day by day smoking alternatives with friends and keep away from buying cigarettes.

9. Volunteering

Volunteer for a cause which is close to your heart once a month. This will help you have an impact socially and will spiritually lift you too. Helping others can go a long way.

10. Family

Eid and Ramadan are further particular as a result of we spend extra time than typical with our parents and extended family.

Resolve to spend uninterrupted and common time with prolonged household and friends each month. This brings a couple of feeling of belonging, and in addition teaches the younger generation about how vital maintaining relationships are.

Your stress and troubles will be bearable when you’ve supportive and loving individuals round you.