Questions Every Woman Ought to Ask Before Marriage


Marriage is a critical contract that each Muslim lady ought to take very critically. Attempting to know your potential partner is essential within the first stage. One of the best ways to know one another is to ask questions.

So here is a protracted checklist of the important questions to ask a possible husband in order to see how compatible they may be:

What’s your age?

Where do you reside?

What’s your nationality?

How would you describe your self?

What are you in search of a spouse?

What do you do for a dwelling?

What’s the most factor you worth in your life?

Have you ever been married earlier than?

Could you have bodily or psychological well-being sickness?

What’s your idea of marriage?

What are your expectations of marriage?

What are your objectives in life?

Why have you chosen me as a possible partner?

What’s the position of faith in your life?

What’s your understanding of an Islamic marriage?

Are you a lively particular person within the Muslim community?

Do you have interaction in any volunteering actions?

In your understanding, what’s the role of a husband and what’s the role of a wife?

How is your relationship with your loved ones?

Do you live with anybody (ie. Parents) and if so what are your plans in terms of accommodation after marriage?

How do you spend your money?

How do you plan on saving for the future?

What do you do in your free time?

How do you make difficult choices?

How would you manage anger?

How do you suppose marital disputes ought to be resolved?

Define psychological, verbal and emotional abuse.

Would you look to get marital counseling if there was a necessity?

What are your views on the concept of a working spouse?

Would you expect your spouse to share the monetary duty with you?

What are your views on polygamy?