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Fajr Prayer – Hard On The Hypocrites

Why Is Fajr Salah (dawn prayer) Hard on The Hypocrites? One of the most difficult tests that Allah almighty has given us is Fajr prayer...

Delaying Salah Because of Makeup

Is Delaying Prayers/Salah Because of Makeup Permissible? A common question raised by a lot of our Sisters’ in this day and age. We come across...

7 Ways To Develop Khushoo In Your Salah

Are you looking for way to develop focus in your prayers? Salah (Prayer) is a key part of a Muslims’ life. It is one of...

A Day In The Life Of Muslims

Daily Lives of Muslims ( or Islamic way of life ) Islam covers everything a person needs to go through from the cradle to the...

25 Ways to Attain Khushoo in Salah

25 Ways on how to Attain Khushoo in your Prayers Here are some quick wins in order to help you gain focus on your salah....