Fajr Prayer – Hard On The Hypocrites

Fajr Prayer - Hard On The Hypocrites

Why Is Fajr Salah (dawn prayer) Hard on The Hypocrites?

One of the most difficult tests that Allah almighty has given us is Fajr prayer or the Dawn prayer, as not everyone is going to be successful in achieving it. It is so difficult to such an extent that the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him make said that is is the standard by which a Believer and a hypocrite shall be distinguished.

The Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him said that Isha  prayer and Fajr prayer (the late prayer and the dawn prayer) are the heaviest upon the hypocrite. If they knew the reward that was awaiting them upon performing these prayers, they would go to perform them even if it meant that they had to crawl.

Help Me Wake Up For Fajr Salah!

As we speak, unfortunately there are many Muslims who don’t have the intention to wake up for Fajr tomorrow, there are many Muslims who don’t want to hear The Allah’s call; “Haya’alal Salah, Haya’alal Falah” (Come to Salah, Come to success). “Asalatu Khayrum Minan-naum”. (Prayer is better than sleep).

Some Muslims say ‘no, sleep is better than prayer!’ Unfortunately there are many people who have neglected this obligation of the Fajar Prayer. There are in fact many of us who don’t actually know of the benefits and rewards awaiting them due to this prayer.

The Prophet (pbuh) said: Whoever prays Isha Salah in congregation has spent half of the night in prayer. And whoever prays Isha and Fajr salah in congregation, it is as if he has spent the entire night in prayer SubhanAllah! Now can you imagine the reward of that? You can go to sleep in between both prayers and the angels will be writing in your book of good deeds that you are in constant prayer, just because you attended both of these salats in congregation (at the masjid/mosque).

Praying Isha & Fajr in congregation are actually much more superior than the night prayer in Ramadan. Why? Because these are obligatory prayers, they are prescribed to us by Allah swt. Whereas the night prayer whether during Ramadan or outside of Ramadan are optional. You may do it to gain extra reward of course, but nonetheless there is no sin if you don’t.

We know that on the day of resurrection, the sun will be folded up with darkness, the stars will fall and lose their light. The situation will be so tough except on the believers who do certain good acts while they are alive in the dunya. They will be the lucky ones and have light to guide them to the straight path that leads to paradise.

One of these acts is walking to the mosques in darkness; The Prophet (pbuh) said: “Give good news to the believers who walk to the masjid in the darkness, for that they will have a complete light on the rising day”

This is why Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) used to supplicate (English translation) “O Allah, place light in my heart, light in my tongue, light in my hearing, light in my sight, light behind me, light in front of me, light on my right, light on my left, light above me and light below me; place light in my sinew, in my flesh, in my blood, in my hair and in my skin; place light in my soul and make light abundant for me; make me light and grant me light”

The reward of Fajr prayer is not only related to the obligatory. The Prophet (pbuh) also said that the two rakat prayed before the fardh prayer of fajr is better than the whole world and what it is in it.

So imagine how big the reward of praying Fajr is. Let’s try and reflect over this and understand what prevents us from waking up and performing Fajr prayer on time? Most likely it’s matters to do with the dunya. It may be that you have stayed up all night watching TV or playing games, or even that you did not want to wake up early or twice in the morning as you have got work at 8am. All worldly matters unfortunately.

If we reflect on the above about what our prophet (pbuh) said that, ‘the two optional rakats are better than everything in this world’, surely we would want to attain as much of this reward as we can? 

Not only that, the prophet (pbuh) also mentioned that the one who prays Fajr is also in the protection of Allah swt for that day.


9 Ways To Help Us 

Let’s look at this from a practical way now and find ways that we can act upon this obligation and bring it into our daily lives and never miss Fajr prayer from today In’Sha’Allah.

1 – Sincerity: Be sincere as this precious time will never be gifted to those who are not sincere.

2 – Determination: Be decisive, and get into the mindset that ‘I want to wake up for Fajr no matter what. I will wake up!’

3 – Avoid Sins: Major & Minor. We learn from another hadith that the prophet (pbuh) said beware of minor sins for they accumulate until they doom men. If you sin Allah will take away your blessings.

4 – Dua / Supplication: Ask Allah to help you wake up for Fajr every day in your supplication.

5 –  Good Companions: Wake your friends up and help each other. Remind each other constantly of the rewards of praying fajr.

6 – Sleep Early: Having late nights well make you fall into a deeper sleep and perhaps miss your alarm of even the adhan! Read verse 255 from Chapter 2 of the Quran to remind yourself that  Allah SWT made the night for rest and the day for working.

7 – Remind Yourself: Of the virtues of praying Fajr salah (as mentioned earlier). Write it down on your phone or on a piece of paper and hang it next to your bed so you can always remember the benefits. Sometimes we may get complacent, so a reminder is a good way to get back on track.

8 – Alarm or Alarms: Sometimes one alarm may not be enough, so set the timer to have intervals in case you miss one alarm or even put it into snooze without realising. It happens to the best of us. Put your alarm away from the bed so you have to get up and turn it off. That way you won’t have the urge to get back to bed again.

9 – Invite Others: To the Fajr prayer or even to get up at the right time. Imagine hearing from someone that they have prayed Fajr because of you. The Prophet (pbuh) taught us that the one who guides others to do a good deed is like the one who does it.

In’Sha’Allah we can all take benefit from all these points and teachings. As a true believer we need to forsake our comfort (bed) for the sake of Allah. If we haven’t reached this stage yet we need to return to Allah in repentance and make all the efforts to wake up for Fajr prayer.