25 Fajr Prayer Quotes

25 Fajr Prayer Quotes

25 Quotes In Regards To The Dawn Prayer of Fajar

These quotes should help you get back on track and understand the importance of Fajr Salah (namaz). The Fajr prayer is obligatory on ALL Muslims, yet some of us tend to avoid praying it on time or even at all. This prayer is one that distinguishes us and the hypocrites so we all need to understand the importance of this Salah.


1 – A Chance to judge yourself on how close you are to Allah, how much you want Jannah? Enough to leave your bed and prostrate to your Lord?

2 – “This [Fajr Prayer] is my morning meal. If I do not take it I lose my strength.” – Ibn Taymiyyah

3 –  “The beauty of Fajr prayer (Salah) is knowing that Allah chose you to be amongst those who worship Him. Whilst the rest of the world sleeps.”

4 – “Fajr is a blessed time, when the believers are awake seeking success, whilst others are asleep simply dreaming of success.”

5 – “Whoever prays Fajr prayer is under the protection of Allah.” – Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

6 –  “We live in a society where we wake up our children for school but not Fajr prayer” – Nouman Ali khan


7 – FAJR – Rise Among The Elites

8 – Let Fajr brighten your day. Even before the sun does.

9 – Don’t Dream About Success. Seek It In Fajr.

10 – “Two Rakats of (the Sunnah) fajr are better than the world and all it contains.” – Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

11 – One Squeeze Of The Grave Will MAke You Regret Every Morning You Didn’t Wake Up For Fajr

12 – “Alarm clocks are only a means, what really wakes you up for Fajr prayer is your Imaan.” 

13 – A Good Day Starts With Coffee Fajr 

14 – Everybody Had Their Own Reason For Waking Up In The Morning. Mine Is Fajr

15 – If You Don’t Try To Wake Up For Fajr. There Is Really No Benefit In You Waking Up At All – Yasir Qadhi

16 – No matter how strong you are, you are still considered weak when you can’t lift your blanket for Fajr

17 – We miss our Fajr prayer because of a warm bed. Do we not realise that one day that warm bed may become a blazing fire?


18 – Why is the air pure at the time of Fajr Prayer? Because no hypocrite gets up to pray Fajr!

19 – There is no use of those Biceps, Tricepts & Pushups if you cannot push yourself for Fajr 

20 –  Fajr. You Snooze, You Lose.

21 – In  A Cold World. Fajr Warms Up The Soul.

22 – Fajr Is Very Healing IF You Give It The Time It Deserves

23 – If You Don’t Commence With Fajr. The Day Is Lost Before It Starts

24 – Pray Fajr. Let the comfort of your soul be greater than the comfort of your bed

25 – Fajr – Today’s Goals: Start With Allah. Stay With Allah. End With Allah

May Allah swt give us all the ability to act upon and take virtue from these quotes about the Fajr Prayer. Ameen