3 Ways Allah Answers Your Prayers

3 Ways Allah Answers Your Duas

Ways Allah Allah Responds To Your Du’a

Du’a (supplication) is the most integral asset that the believer has, yet it is one of the most misjudged demonstrations of worship. In some cases we become edgy for an answer and can’t perceive how and when the appropriate responses will come from Allah.

Allah shows us through the narrative of the Prophet Muhammad’s (Peace and blessing be upon him) migration to Madinah and how Banu Israel approached him, that Du’a has various kinds of answers. We will discover that supplication is Answered by Allah in the following ways:

  1. Yes
  2. Yes, but now now
  3. I have a better plan for you

When the Prophet (saw) got to Madinah, there was a gathering of Banu Israel (Children of Israel) who had settled there, realising that Allah would send disclosure to this territory as it had been portrayed to them in their sacred text. They were expecting that Allah would raise a Prophet and Messenger from among the offspring of Israel. They trusted themselves to be the chosen individuals of God as they had once been.

In Madinah, Individuals were continually at war before the coming of the Prophet (pbuh). The religion of the two principle clans of Banu Aws & Bany Khazraj was polytheism (different divine gods). Banu Israel lived among them and they were always making dua for Allah to send them the revelation. They sat tight for that disclosure and the appearance of the Prophet.

At the point when the Prophet (pbuh) came to Madinah, and he carried with him the revelation, and he fit the portrayals of the Prophet, Banu Israel rejected him since He (Saw) was an Arab.

The very individuals that they were making dua against, acknowledged the Prophet (pbuh) and turned into his devotees. The dua of Banu Israel was responded to by Allah yet not the manner in which they had anticipated.

Allah Swt says that He sent the Quran confirming that which they already had in their scripture.  What remained from the scripture of the Torah confirmed the description of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

Furthermore, they were making dua and asking Allah for some indication to come to them so that they could use it as ammunition against the Mushrikeen (the polytheist) of Madinah. However when it came to them (the Prophet pbuh), what did they do? they rejected it and denied it. So Allah says ‘The curse of Allah is upon them’ as punishment.

This verses in the Quran teach us many lessons but we will focus on the lesson about making dua. The Children of Israel simply made to dua to Allah as they wanted something. When Allah swt answered the Dua, it was answered for them in a way that they didn’t anticipate, and so they rejected it. They knew very well that they had actually received the true answer for their dua from Allah.

From this teaching, we can relate to what many Muslims find ourselves doing in this very day and age. We often make dua for things from Allah without thinking, and when they are answered in a way that we don’t expect or with an alternative solution, we become ungrateful and complain. We feel why doe others have their prayers / dua’s answered and we don’t. From this mindset we even end up totally disregarding any blessing from Allah.

Due to our negligence we dismiss blessings from Allah and act in a manner that we haven’t had any blessings from Allah at all. This is why Allah swt gave us the lesson from the story of Banu Israel and how they reacted when their prayers were answered. Allah has revealed many stories in the Quran for the reason that we take lessons from the past and avoid falling in the same situation.

We feel as if why doesn’t Allah answer my dua? Perhaps there is some good in that which you don’t see yet, or what you have received as an alternative is better for you. We are sometimes blind in our own mind, that we cannot see blessings in front of us.

So how does Allah actually answer Dua’s?

The first thing you should note as a believer is that Allah always wants good for his slaves. He will grant you whatever He, sees are being in your best interest.

Secondly, we must understand is that Allah does not simply answer your dua with what you asked for in your prayer, but in addition he gives you what you need. Say you are making dua for something which is bad for you and you don’t haven’t realised this, Allah will withhold it from you and give you something that is better of good for you.

If you have made sincere dua for something that you feel you need so badly and have not received any immediate answer, then you must have sabr (patience). Don’t get into the mindset that Allah will not answer your prayer. Negative thoughts can have a bad impact in your overall help and also belief in Allah. Allah is the All Hearing, so patience is the key.

One may feel that they are not a good enough believer and therefore Allah is not responding to their supplication. He answers other people’s dua, but why not mine? These thoughts are common in many of us, so you are not alone.

It is key that you recognise this problem and stop yourself from the negativity. You will always get what you expect in life and in the afterlife too. So always have good thoughts and especially good expectations of Allah.

The 3 ways Allah answers your Dua’s in further detail:

1 – You ask Allah for something and he grants you it immediately. Alhamdulillah, you should acknowledge this and be grateful.

2 – You ask Allah for something but he delays the answer. Don’t despair, be patient. Allah swt does this so you grow closer to him. Sometimes when we get so desperate for something, we turn to Allah with more sincerity and focus more in our worship. At that point you are more conscious of Allah and tend to sin less, as you know this will impact any blessings from Allah.

As you see, you are actually growing closer to Allah through your desperate need for Him. Only Allah swt can help you and you know that really well. Allah delays the answer because it is the best thing for you. 

3 – Allah withhold’s from giving you what you asked for. This is usually when something is bad for and you just don’t see it, or even better He will grant you something superior on the day of Judgement.

Sometimes from the wisdom of Allah, He won’t give you what you ask for. There is no doubt that there is wisdom behind His decisions. If often takes years to pass before we actually realise that Allah saved us from a terrible fate.

Once in a while from the astuteness of Allah, He won’t give you what you request. There is no uncertainty that there is shrewdness behind His choices. It often takes us a very long time to go before we really understand that Allah spared us from a horrible destiny.

Will my Dua ever go unanswered? 

Once in a while people make Dua for things that will eventually hurt them, yet they don’t realise it at first. It appears a typical case of this today is Haram relationships. Individuals request that Allah permits their haram relationship by giving them what they request.

Simply recall the narrative of the Children of Israel when you make Dua for something. Particularly if what you get in life isn’t what you anticipated. Try not to deny any of the favours from the lord, be grateful for any answer and consistently recollect that there is some great in this for you, or generally Allah could never answer your dua along these lines. Allah made you to be from the best of individuals.

Thus, In’sha’Allah when we make Dua, have great desires for what we will get from Allah and at whatever point it comes to us, in whatever structure it comes to us, we acknowledge it, understanding this must be beneficial for us.

We need to keep reiterating this point, as Muslims are much similar to the offspring of Israel and we need consistent helping to remember straightforward essentials of our faith. Some of the time that is hard to manage, however recall the believer is somebody who has supreme dependence upon Allah and trusts that Allah will care for them, dealing with their each need.

Allah made us to be of the best of people, don’t let the shaytaan make you believe that you are bad, don’t tune in to the whispers of the shaytaan. He will endeavor to make you believe that Allah isn’t with you, Allah isn’t protecting you, and that Allah isn’t giving you any sustenance.

Simply see what’s passed in your life, look all the decency in your life and you will realise that Allah subhanahu wa-tala is consistently there for you. Try not to quit making Dua, resemble the child who won’t quit requesting something. You will get what you want In’sha’Allah.