4 Things You Should Do Before Going To Sleep

4 Things You Should Do Before Going To Sleep

4 Things A Muslim Should Do Before Going To Sleep

Some of the scholars have mentioned that before a person goes to sleep they should make sure of four things if they are to improve their relationship with Allah swt.

Let’s take a look at what they are In’Sha’Allah.

1 – Resolve Any Conflicts

A person should not go to sleep unless and until they have made sure they or have resolved all outstanding conflicts that they might have with anyone.

You should look to settle your affairs and issues with anyone in your contact. Whether it be family, friends or even colleagues.

Always forgive people before going to sleep as you may not see that person again. If you cannot forgive people, then how can one expect Allah to forgive them?

We can take lesson from a hadith when the prophet (pbuh) mentioned about a person who was from paradise in their gathering. This particular person that came to the gathering was forgiven by Allah simply due to forgiving everyone before he went to sleep every night.

Due to this simple act Allah swt allowed him to enter paradise subhanAllah.

2 – Fulfill every obligation

Another point a person should make sure of before going to sleep is that they have fulfilled all the obligations that are owed by them to Allah swt. If you haven’t prayed your Isha for example, then you cannot go to sleep yet. 

3 – Repent To Allah

Repent to Allah for the sins you have committed in the past

A person should take a moment to sit down one on one with Allah, intimately and privately and repent to him sincerely. Ask Allah for forgiveness for any sins he/she may have committed in the past / present.

Always make the intention to wake up the next day with a fresh, clear mind and to avoid committing any sins. Ask Allah to help you avoid sin.


4 – Plan Ahead For Your Death

A person should at least on a basic level make sure that all their major affairs have been arranged, sorted out. Just in case this person does not wake up the next morning. 

You need to plan what will be done to your wealth and things in your possession if you were to die. There is no guarantee that you will be here tomorrow so we need to ensure that all our affairs can be taken care of as much as possible in the event of our demise.

A lot of us are in the mindset that this is a very morbid idea. Plan my death before I got to sleep? I will not die today surely..But in true reality we need to be prepared for the worst. If we have a family, how will they be taken care of? A will needs to be drawn up as that is one of the obligations as a Muslim.

May Allah give us all the ability to act upon these points and get closer to him.

In addition to these, we should also follow the etiquettes of sleeping as taught to us by the Prophet (pbuh).