5 Pillars Of Islam Kids Puzzle Book

My First Puzzle Book on Five Pillars of Islam

My First Puzzle Book On Five Pillars Of Islam

Introducing the first Islamic book for children that contains puzzle pieces.

Make your little one’s first journey in learning about the ‘five pillars of Islam’, a fun and exciting one through interactive play. This lovely book gives a brief introduction to the five pillars of Islam. It encourages imagination, hand-eye coordination and problem solving. Your child will not only learn about the five pillars, but will have a wonderful time in remembering them, by placing the puzzle pieces into the correct slots. A must have book to be enjoyed by both children and adults.

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Book Details:

Title: My First Puzzle Book on Five Pillars of Islam
Author: Rima Aktar
ISBN: 9781916153813
Price: £9.99
Postage £1.99


5 Pillars Puzzle Book Back Cover

A little background about where the Children’s Islam Puzzle Book concept came from:

We wanted to produce an Islamic book for kids, where they learn through interactive play. We did this by incorporating 15 puzzle pieces in our book (3 for each pillar) in order to make it fun and engaging for the child.

The concept behind this book was to include 3 learning aspects which would encourage problem solving, hand eye coordination, imagination, listening & communication skills.

1. Puzzle piecesChildren will need to find the correct puzzle pieces to place in the correct slot, and for that they will need to remember and figure out which pillar it goes under.

2. Description/explanations under each puzzle piece which will help them understand each image of the puzzle piece. It also allows them to ask further questions and remember the meaning.

3. We have our “let’s say together“ phrases throughout the book, which encourages the child to repeat and learn. For example we have the phrase ”let’s say the shahada together…” so the parent/reader will read it aloud and the child can repeat after them.

We hope this Islamic Puzzle Book will keep your children entertained and educate them in their early years about the beauty of Islam In’Sha’Allah.