Hadith of the Day: Definition of Success

Today’s Hadith is about: Who The Successful Person Is

Hadith of the Day: Definition of Success

Hadith about being content with what Allah has provided.

The Messenger of Allah (sal Allahu alaihi wasallam) said:

“He is successful who has accepted Islam, who has been provided with sufficient for his wants and been made contented by Allah with what He has given him.” [Muslim]

What do we learn from this Hadith?

We are in a time when people say, ‘So and so is very successful’ and by this they are implying that ‘He/she is making a lot of money and therefore deemed as a successful person in peoples’ eyes.

In the above mentioned hadith Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) explains who qualifies to be called successful.

The successful person is not the one who has Car X, Mansion in Y and Job Z but:

1. Has Islam in their life
2. Has their Needs fulfilled with whatever provisions they have been given.
3. Is in Possession of a thankful heart.

We should be content with what Allah has given us and we will be successful in this life. There are always people worse off then us in the eyes, but their hearts are filled with contentment.

The wealth that one is a given is part of the test giving to us by Allah SWT. So let’s try to be grateful on all occasions and use it as a means to draw closer to our creator and then reach the ultimate success of Paradise In’Sha’Allah.