Powerful Dua That Takes Less Than 30 Seconds

Very Powerful Dua

Powerful Dua That Takes Less Than 30 Seconds

Memorise this short Dua today!

سبحان الله وبحمده ، عدد خلقه ، ورضا نفسه ، وزنة عرشه ، ومداد كلماته

We all like to spend time in our Dua’s (prayers) to ask Allah swt for everything we want and need. Sometimes it’s not just about the time you spend in your Dua, but the words can have a massive impact too as we have been taught by the Prophet (pbuh).

In other cases we are always looking for this and that Dua, Dua for good, Dua for wealth, health etc. We like to recite prayers that are short in words but have a deep meaning.

We can relate to this beautiful story and lesson from the Prophet’s time and how we can achieve a lot with only 4 words subhanAllah!


One day the prophet (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) left the home of his wife Juweriyyah Bint Al Harith (May Allah be pleased with her) to go to salatul Fajr while she was worshipping Allah in her designated prayer area at home.

After several hours during the time of Duha (in the forenoon) the prophet (pbuh) returned home to find his wife Juweriyyah worshipping Allah in the  same position she was at when he had left her earlier in the morning

So the Prophet (pbuh) asked her, are you still in the same position, you did not move since I have left you? she replied in the affirmative and said yes.

The prophet (saw) being who he is, a loving and caring man to his family, friends and mankind, taught us the following great Duaa and lesson. He said I have recited four statements three times after I left you, if they were to be weighed with all that which you have recited since morning, they will outweigh them. SubhanAllah!


The words were the following:

سبحان الله وبحمده ، عدد خلقه ، ورضا نفسه ، وزنة عرشه ، ومداد كلماته

“Subhanallahi wa bihamdihi, ‘adada khalqihi, wa ridaa nafsihi, wa zeenata ‘arshihi, wa midaada kalimatihi.”

“Perfect is Allah and Praised, by the number of His Creation, and by the Pleasure of His Self, and by the Weight of His Throne, and by the ink (needed) to Write His Words.”

She asked Is that it? Yes! (The Prophet pbuh replied). 

So by repeating these words three times, taking less than 30 seconds the reward is greater and more blessed in comparison to those beautiful hours of worship spent by our Mother Juweriyyah  may Allah be pleased with her. 

The Meaning?

Let’s elaborate further on the meaning of this dua, so that we may express it with understanding and passion In’Sha’Allah. Please be sure to focus and pay attention, as you will enjoy it inshallah. May Allah make it easy for us to explain it in this article fully. For everyone to understand and implement it in their lives.

The Prophet (pbuh) began the Dua by saying: 

‘SubhanAllahi’ which commonly translates as ‘All glory to be Allah’

It can be further explained as the following ‘O Allah you you are free from any imperfection free from any shortcoming, free from any lie attributed to you by the haters and the ignorant and free from any Association or similarity to any being in any form’.

So by saying this you are negating every negative attribute to Allah swt.

Next ‘Bihamdihi’. Oh Allah you are deserving of all praise. 

With that praise you affirm Allah’s oneness, uniqueness, strength, capabilities and all of his beautiful names and praise.

Here is a quick example to help you appreciate what remains in the dua. Imagine a young boy who would tell his parents ‘I love you’ and there is another young boy who further describes his love by saying ‘I love you sooo much, as bright as the sun, as big as the sky!’.

Now that is some serious love! Allah’s the best of examples. To what extent do you want to express to Allah the statement, SubhanAllahi Wabihamdihi? To what extent do you want to negate the negative and affirm the positive attributed to Allah Swt?

Next is. Adada Khalqihi – By the amount and number of his creation.

Do you realise how large of a number that will come up to? That includes every human being, every Jinn, every Angel, Every animal and living and non-living thing. 

Every grain of sand in the deserts and every drop of water in the oceans, every creation that which we know about and that which we do not know about. 

Furthermore, Wa Ridaa Nafshi – Until he is pleased. 

O Allah! I glorify you and praise you with the quality and quantity of that which pleases you.

This is essentially the greatest goal you can achieve and the greatest extent you can reach.

After that,  Wa zinata Arshih. And as heavy as his throne. 

Which is the heaviest thing known. The distance between the earlobe and shoulder of one of the angels carrying Allah’s throne is 700 years long.

And lastly,  Wa midada Kalimatih. By the amount of ink and pens that are required to write down his words.

This includes His commands what he has decreed. His knowledge of everything, including the knowledge of the unseen and the knowledge of what happens on land and sea. 

For He swt has said that if every tree was cut and made into pens and every ocean was turned into ink and was reinforced with another seven ocean of ink then the pens would come to an end and you would run out of ink. But Allah’s word will remain.

SubhanAllah how beautiful is this Dua? The more you contemplate on these 4 statements, the closer and more sincere you will be to your lord. 

Don’t forget to say it 3 times every morning and In’Sha’Allah memorise it as soon as you can. May Allah help you maximise the benefit of this Dua